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Breaking Ground - Camping World - Roscoe, Illinois

Structured REA is underway bringing a new Camping World to Roscoe, Illinois.

The Village of Roscoe has been an outstanding partner in bringing this project to life.  We hosted a groundbreaking ceremony in May to celebrate nearly two years of hard work.

Construction started on the new dealership in May on 13 acres in Roscoe, IL.

Breaking Ground - Camping World & Gander Outdoors - Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Structured REA has an awesome new client!  Actually, we have two new clients. Camping World and Gander Outdoors

Camping World purchased Gander in May of 2017 adding Gander to their growing list of outdoor product focused companies such as Uncle Dan's Outdoor Store and The House Outdoor Gear. Camping world is in the process of re-opening 69 Gander outdoor stores.

Structured REA is excited to be the Turnkey Developer for a new ground up project that has both a Camping World dealership and a Gander Outdoors store on the same outdoor focused "campus."  Construction started on the new dealership and retail store in April on 20 acres in Breaux Bridge, LA.

Meetinghouse Exterior Completed Photos

We're thrilled to share some photos of our project Meetinghouse 3080 in Scottsdale! The interior is still under construction but look at how far this beaut has come!! See full gallery of completed photos HERE

Renovations happening at Meetinghouse

We started demo about a month ago at our project, Meetinghouse at 3080, in Scottsdale, Arizona. We wanted to make sure the temperature reached an all-time high before starting (just kidding!). But seriously, the permits came just in time for the summer scorcher. Luckily our guys are champs & are doing a great job in this heat! Click for more renovation photos!

Photo by Scott Sandler

Photo by Scott Sandler

Photo by Scott Sandler

Photo by Scott Sandler

Athlete Training Health - Arlington, TX

Just a quick update on our Athlete Training Health project in Arlington, Texas! Things are moving along quite nicely & quickly! About a month ago we had a skeleton and today it's starting to look like a real building. Check out a couple aerial views of the progress below. 

Parking Lot Conference Room

Last week we posted about how technology gives us the ability to work from anywhere. This week we put that into play (again). We had a meeting about an hour and a half away but also had THREE Zoom Room (video conference) meetings on the calendar. Determined to make it all happen, we used just about everything we had with us to set up a mobile office. 

We propped up our iPad using a computer sleeve & a sunglass case so that the other conference attendees could see us in all of our parking lot conference room glory. Everyone got a kick out of our creative use of space - that's what we're supposed to do in this industry, right?! 

Please excuse the glare - it was sunny for once! 

Why We Love Coworking

We know it might seem a little strange that a commercial real estate company runs shop out of a coworking space. Right? Well, we wouldn't have it any other way... for now at least.

The Facts: There's never a week where one of us isn't traveling, having out-of-office meetings or simply just working from home for a day. We set up Structured Real Estate to be extremely mobile. Everything lives in the cloud: That means no servers & no printing (for the most part) GO GREEN! As long as we have internet, we can work from anywhere. And let's be honest - when there isn't internet, we can just use our phone as a hotspot. 

With today's technology coupled with the way we like to work, we found there truly wasn't a need for our own office just yet. Working in a coworking space enables us to interact with other burgeoning companies, come and go as we please & utilize all of the amenities offered with coworking. Plus it's pretty great that the coffee flows all day, there are free snacks, trivia, happy hours, comfy chairs & other people's dogs that you can play with. 

After looking at a few coworking options around Chicago we landed on COCO Coworking in the West Loop! It fits our needs perfectly & we couldn't be happier here. COCO recently published a member profile about SREA on their national blog. Check it out here!

Happy Groundhog Day!

We wanted to find a unique & memorable way to say thank you to our clients, partners, friends, family & everyone in between. What better way to do that than to glorify an extremely underrated "holiday"? We ordered our first batch of Structured Real Estate merch & sent it across the nation with the postcard you see below. 

Eco3D | 3D Laser Scan

We're currently working on a rare adaptive reuse project in Scottsdale, Arizona named Meetinghouse at 3080. The building, a former church, is to be converted into a multi-use building featuring office, restaurant and retail space. 

A few months ago, we teamed up with Eco3D to have the building 3D laser scanned. We wanted to find ALL the hidden nooks & crannies or any trouble areas that might arise down the road. Best. Decision. We. Ever. Made.

We were able to learn so much about our existing structure that would've been impossible without Eco3D's technology. Saved us time, money & stress. Eco3D even released a statement showcasing their work at Meetinghouse! Check it out here: Scottsdale Independent

I was told there would be cake.

Some might argue that celebrating birthdays at work blurs the line of personal vs professional. We disagree.

Others may argue that celebrating birthdays at work causes a distraction & takes away valuable work time. We disagree.

The Structured team believes celebrating a co-worker's birthday shows appreciation, value and allows for some quality team bonding. We're a small team which enables us to work closely with one another & get to know each other outside of the work world. A birthday celebration doesn't have to be a distraction either - Everyone has to eat lunch, right? We enjoy celebrating by trying a new restaurant in our lovely West Loop neighborhood. Later in the day we typically head to happy hour at our favorite local pub down the street The Aberdeen Tap to top off the day with a pint (or 3).

In the decision of a Go / No Go, Birthdays are ALWAYS a Go

Milton | Office Space

Milton | Office Space

Athlete Training Health - Arlington, Texas

Creating long lasting partnerships is extremely important to us at Structured Real Estate. One of the things we pride ourselves on is being an open book, transparent company. We want to work with people we like and trust and hope that people want to work with us because they like and trust us as well. 

We're absolutely thrilled to be working with Athlete Training Health, Texas Health Resources, Wefing Design Studio and Ridgemont Commercial Construction again on another comprehensive turnkey development. It's been in planning since Fall 2015. After putting the land under contract in January 2016, we came to the Go / No Go point with our repeat client, ATH, in April - It was a GO! The project broke ground earlier this month and it is moving full speed ahead to create the newest Athlete Training + Health center in Arlington, TX. 

Compaction Action!

Compaction Action!

So you want to build a building?

Sounds simple enough. Find some land, stack some bricks, fill the building with eager tenants. Right? Not exactly..

How will you acquire the land, fund the project, choose an architect, a builder, civil engineer, lawyer (the list goes on & on)? How do you plan to lease out the building once it's finished? How are you going to find out any mysteries about the site you've chosen?.. Talk to a real estate developer, of course! 

Hiring an experienced commercial real estate developer is key to starting your project and getting you to the "Go / No Go" point. Go / No Go is a term we frequently use at SREA. It encompasses all the steps we take during the due diligence period to make sure that the site & project plans we've chosen are going to lead to a successful building. There are many people involved in the GNG process including the seller of the land, engineers, local officials, architects + more. During this process we try to uncover any unknowns of the site, try to find solutions to potential problems & figure out a way for the project to work for everyone involved. Once everything is presented, we can determine if a project is a Go or a No Go - Do we continue with the project or start from scratch? 

Interested in starting a commercial building project? We can help get you to the Go / No Go point.. It's what we do. Contact us for more info. 

Just Confirmed: It's a  GO  on another Athlete Training + Health in Texas! 

Just Confirmed: It's a GO on another Athlete Training + Health in Texas! 

Meetinghouse at 3080

We've finally released the website for our adaptive reuse project in Scottsdale, Arizona. The building is a former church with high ceilings, exposed wood beams, stained glass windows, possibility for mezzanine + so much more. It's an amazing, unique building in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. We pulled out all the stops including 3D laser scan, 360 photos, drone videos & more all featured on

Adding to our excitement, Phoenix Business Journal featured the project online on Monday! 

Vault Space

Vault Space

Welcome to Structured Real Estate

Welcome to the new Structured Real Estate website! While you're here, we would like to take a moment of your time and introduce ourselves. We're a non-traditional commercial real estate developer specializing in adaptive reuse and ground up development. Our focus is on sports medicine, healthcare, office, and mixed use within these categories.

"Great teams make great projects" is our guiding philosophy. At the end of the day the quality of your project comes down to the quality of the team that delivers the project. We want to work with people we like, people we trust, and who like and trust us.  

Simply put, we do business in a way that earns trust and builds friendships.

Please browse around the website to learn more about our projects, our culture, and our expertise.  

Thanks for stopping by,

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