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So you want to build a building?

Sounds simple enough. Find some land, stack some bricks, fill the building with eager tenants. Right? Not exactly..

How will you acquire the land, fund the project, choose an architect, a builder, civil engineer, lawyer (the list goes on & on)? How do you plan to lease out the building once it's finished? How are you going to find out any mysteries about the site you've chosen?.. Talk to a real estate developer, of course! 

Hiring an experienced commercial real estate developer is key to starting your project and getting you to the "Go / No Go" point. Go / No Go is a term we frequently use at SREA. It encompasses all the steps we take during the due diligence period to make sure that the site & project plans we've chosen are going to lead to a successful building. There are many people involved in the GNG process including the seller of the land, engineers, local officials, architects + more. During this process we try to uncover any unknowns of the site, try to find solutions to potential problems & figure out a way for the project to work for everyone involved. Once everything is presented, we can determine if a project is a Go or a No Go - Do we continue with the project or start from scratch? 

Interested in starting a commercial building project? We can help get you to the Go / No Go point.. It's what we do. Contact us for more info. 

Just Confirmed: It's a  GO  on another Athlete Training + Health in Texas! 

Just Confirmed: It's a GO on another Athlete Training + Health in Texas!