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Athlete Training Health - Arlington, Texas

Creating long lasting partnerships is extremely important to us at Structured Real Estate. One of the things we pride ourselves on is being an open book, transparent company. We want to work with people we like and trust and hope that people want to work with us because they like and trust us as well. 

We're absolutely thrilled to be working with Athlete Training Health, Texas Health Resources, Wefing Design Studio and Ridgemont Commercial Construction again on another comprehensive turnkey development. It's been in planning since Fall 2015. After putting the land under contract in January 2016, we came to the Go / No Go point with our repeat client, ATH, in April - It was a GO! The project broke ground earlier this month and it is moving full speed ahead to create the newest Athlete Training + Health center in Arlington, TX. 

Compaction Action!

Compaction Action!