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I was told there would be cake.

Some might argue that celebrating birthdays at work blurs the line of personal vs professional. We disagree.

Others may argue that celebrating birthdays at work causes a distraction & takes away valuable work time. We disagree.

The Structured team believes celebrating a co-worker's birthday shows appreciation, value and allows for some quality team bonding. We're a small team which enables us to work closely with one another & get to know each other outside of the work world. A birthday celebration doesn't have to be a distraction either - Everyone has to eat lunch, right? We enjoy celebrating by trying a new restaurant in our lovely West Loop neighborhood. Later in the day we typically head to happy hour at our favorite local pub down the street The Aberdeen Tap to top off the day with a pint (or 3).

In the decision of a Go / No Go, Birthdays are ALWAYS a Go

Milton | Office Space

Milton | Office Space