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Why We Love Coworking

We know it might seem a little strange that a commercial real estate company runs shop out of a coworking space. Right? Well, we wouldn't have it any other way... for now at least.

The Facts: There's never a week where one of us isn't traveling, having out-of-office meetings or simply just working from home for a day. We set up Structured Real Estate to be extremely mobile. Everything lives in the cloud: That means no servers & no printing (for the most part) GO GREEN! As long as we have internet, we can work from anywhere. And let's be honest - when there isn't internet, we can just use our phone as a hotspot. 

With today's technology coupled with the way we like to work, we found there truly wasn't a need for our own office just yet. Working in a coworking space enables us to interact with other burgeoning companies, come and go as we please & utilize all of the amenities offered with coworking. Plus it's pretty great that the coffee flows all day, there are free snacks, trivia, happy hours, comfy chairs & other people's dogs that you can play with. 

After looking at a few coworking options around Chicago we landed on COCO Coworking in the West Loop! It fits our needs perfectly & we couldn't be happier here. COCO recently published a member profile about SREA on their national blog. Check it out here!